TimeScape: My Experience in the Rift

TimeScape is the lovechild of Josh, Lauren, Rebecca, James, Adrian, Emma, and myself. It’s a game based on time travel which allows for the players to travel to four different time scapes: Ice age, Prehistoric, Medieval, and the Future. The players are trying to escape from a time rift, to do so the players must explore the four-time scapes to earn points to reach 24hours on the clock. Once a player has reached the 24th hour they have successfully escaped the time rift.

TimeScape is a time travel game which includes four time periods, Ice age, Prehistoric, Medieval, and the Future. The players start in their choice of time, then the players are to spin the spinner, which is situated in the middle of the board, this feature not only is a point system, but it also allows for the players to jump between time periods. After spinning the spinner, the players are to roll the 4 dice which represent the four time periods, it is the dice that allow for the players to roll to gain or lose points which are classified as hours, or to roll the dice to boost themselves into another time or to boost your opponent backwards to put yourself at the advantage. The aim of the game is to reach 24 points in total which is representative of the 24 hours on the clock/ spinner. 

The game draws some characteristics from other games and pop culture references for instance the time travel aspect is like Back to the Future or Jumanji, from his point of view the game can be marketed as an ameritrash family game, perfect for families for all ages. The setting of the game can be entertaining for younger audiences for example the Ice age time scape can be relatable to the popular children’s film Ice Age. As well as being entertaining for the more mature audience, with the essence of time travel which can relate to the 1985 film franchise Back to the Future. The game is classified as Ameritrash due to its rich theme of time travel, includes player-to-player conflict, involves a high degree of luck this is seem within the dice aspect of the game, features many plastic components and lush cardboard elements. The prototype highlights the plastic components for instance the dice and the character pieces, and the lush cardboard element is shown with the physical board style as it would be cardboard along with the spinner feature.

Rebecca and I had the task of creating a prototype for the game, this included us drawing up a rough copy of what the board will look like with the spinner and the four-time scapes. We also worked closely with the rest of the team to ensure the theme and setting was being portrayed within the prototype along with how the mechanics of the game will work within the prototype and contributed to the creation of the mechanics for instance giving our thoughts about the dice in the game. Working on the prototype allowed for us to make sure all the components of the game fit well within each other as it was all coming together to the one prototype. 

Original Pitch Video

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